Tools and Tech

Tools and tech itemsMCDL's Tools and Tech collection features items you may need only once, or would like to try before you buy! It includes items many members have asked for as well as some you never knew you needed.

Tools and Tech items are loaned for 14 days, limit 1 item per library card, and may not be renewed or reserved in advance. There is a $5 per day late fee and replacement cost varies by item.

This story from Channel 5 News explains the service in-depth.

These items are available at all locations:

  • Acer Chromebook: Need a laptop to take on-the-go?
  • USB Microscope: Want to zoom way in on that coin, bug or rock?
  • Mini Mouse: Prefer a mouse to a laptop touch pad?
  • Headphones: Want to boogie down without bugging anyone?
  • USB webcam: Want to connect classmates, colleagues or family?
  • Dry-erase board: Want a spot to scribble out your great ideas?

Additionally, these items are available exclusively at our Medina location:

  • Binoculars: Which birds are out in your garden or trees?
  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Is your blood pressure at a safe level?
  • Car Engine Fault Code Reader: What's your Check Engine Light telling you?
  • Digital Scanner Pen: Want to scan text into a document or have it read aloud to you?
  • Digital Action Camera: What adventures will you record?
  • HDMI Projector: What will you share at your next meeting or family reunion?
  • Kill A Watt Electricity Monitor: Are your appliances or devices wasting electricity?
  • Metal Detector: What's hiding in your back yard?
  • Portable Telescope: What's going on in the sky tonight?
  • Radon Detector: Is there radon lurking in your home?
  • Soprano Ukulele: Got the urge to make some music?
  • Stud finder: Want to hang that mirror or picture securely?
  • Thermal Leak Detector: How drafty are your doors and windows?
  • USB microphone: Do you have a song or podcast inside of you?

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