Copy, Print, Fax, and Scan with PaperCut

copy, print, fax and scan with PaperCut

Fax, Scan, and Copy service is available at all Medina County District Libraries. Fax and scan services are free. The Library only sends faxes. It does not receive faxes for patrons. Scans may be sent to an email or saved to a flash drive. Patrons receive $.50 in free copies or prints per day. Black and white is $.10 each and color is $.50 each.


Register For PaperCut

If this is your first time using PaperCut or you received an “invalid user” error, this will get your account registered.
Register Here


Log into PaperCut

Use this link to check your account balances, upload a document for printing, view your transaction history, view recent print jobs, or view any print jobs pending release



Set up PaperCut on Your Mobile Device

Use this link for quick information on setting up PaperCut on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.



What is PaperCut?


PaperCut allows for remote and on-site printing at all MCDL locations through the Web, by email, from our computers or directly from a personal device.


Where are copiers located?


Color Copy/Print service is available in all locations. Black and white copies/prints are $.10 per page or $.20 a page for 11X17. Color copies/prints are $.50 per page or $1.00 for 11X17. Copy machines do not make change. The funds you load on your account are not refundable. There are additional B/W release stations in the Medina and Brunswick branches.


How do you use PaperCut?


From a library computer

Log into one of the library’s public computers and send a print job to the Black & White or Color printer

From your personal computer, at home or in the library

Upload to the PaperCut site

  • Go to the PaperCut site and log in using your PaperCut credentials (usually your library card number and PIN is your PaperCut username and password)
  • Select Web Print from the menu on the left
  • Click the green “Submit a Job” button
  • Select the B&W or Color printer associated with your MCDL branch
  • Click the green “Print Options and Account Selection” button at the bottom right
  • Input the number of copies you need
  • Click the green “Upload Documents” button 
    Please Note print jobs will print as letter-size unless the document is already formatted with an alternate size  
  • Click the green “Upload from computer” button in the large white box to add files; you can upload more than one file at the same time or you can drag the file(s) into the large white box
  • Make sure to follow the file format requirements. Example: pdf, jpg, tiff, png, xls, ppt, doc (full list is on the papercut site under the white upload box)
  • Click the green “Upload and Complete” button in the bottom left
  • Your print job will be uploaded, which may take several seconds—the status will say “Held in a queue” when finished
  • See the “How do I release a print job” for your next steps


Email the library printers

  • Attach your document to an email and use either of the following SEND addresses:
    • for black & white prints
    • for color prints
  • When using email to print for the first time from an email address, you will receive a follow-up verification email to click a link to prove you have access to the account.
  • After sending the email with attachment for printing, you’ll receive an email that says something like, “Your Email to Print job has been received and is being processed.”
  • Click the link in that email to confirm your print job.
  • See the “How do I release a print job” section for your next steps


From you mobile device connected to the library's WiFi

Follow more specific links below:



  • For iPhone and iPad users, PaperCut works with AirPrint; there is nothing to install
  • AirPrint will automatically detect the library’s PaperCut print queues
  • Select the queue you want to use (B&W or Color) and send the job
  • Click here for more information on iOS devices



  • Install the Mobility Print app from the Google Play Store
  • Launch the app (so it runs in the background)
  • Click the menu bar that says “Tap here and check the Mobility Print Service is on” to confirm it’s enabled
  • When you send a print, you must select one of our print queues
  • Click here for more information on Android devices






Chrome OS


How do I release a print job?


  • Release any print job from any public copier in the library. Our staff can assist you, but the basic steps are:
    • Log in to the device with your PaperCut credentials (for most people, this is your library card and PIN
    • You will see a list of the print jobs you sent Select the jobs you want to print
    • Select our print queues when prompted
  • NOTE: Print jobs are stored in the queue for 48 hours, to-the-minute. For example: if you sent your job at 2:00 pm on Sunday, it will be available to release until 2:00 pm on Tuesday; however, it will be deleted after 2:00 pm.


How To Check PaperCut Balances


To check your total available balance for all CLEVNET libraries offering PaperCut

  • Log into the PaperCut site with your account credentials (typically your library card number and PIN) and view the Balance box on the Summary page, which is the first page you will see.
  • The PRIMARY account is your paid balance, and the accounts listed by the library are your free balances, which vary by library.
  • Free balances can only be used within the library where you are doing your printing or copying. They do not transfer across libraries.
  • Paid balances can be used at any library.

To check your total available balance at your MCDL branch


  • Log into any public copier and view your account.
  • This will include any remaining portion of your free balance plus any paid balance you have added to your account.
  • This amount is only available at MCDL.