Hearing Loop

MCDL is in the Loop

hearing loop. Switch hearing aid or CI to t-coil or request headphones

Medina Library is equipped with Hearing Loops in meeting rooms and service points.

Hearing Loop technology sends the speaker’s voice from the microphone directly to hearing assistive devices, eliminating all ambient noise. For those who do not have a personal hearing device, Loop receivers are available at the Customer Service desk.

Look for the blue Hearing Loop signs in Community Rooms A and B, the Board Room, and at the Customer Service and Reference Desks. For best results position yourself in the center of the room or loop service point. To reserve a meeting room that is hearing loop equipped visit mcdl.info/MeetingRoom

A Hearing Loop works directly with cochlear implants and hearing aids equipped with a T-coil. About 70 percent of all hearing aids contain this technology. You may need to access the Loop via the programming button or by the switch on your device. If you have never activated the T-coil in your device it is recommended you consult with your audiologist before using the Loop.

Here are some videos explaining the Hearing Loop from the installer of Medina's loop.

How a Hearing Loop works - https://youtu.be/5Zf2taOJ4d0?si=m7e8zNT69nOjc1-x

How it works in the Community Room - https://youtu.be/21rCq8j2Z0M?si=g6poH90QYi8RdjBa

Receivers explained - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7sOMwcbp5g

For more information about Hearing Loops visit www.HearingLoop.org.

Medina Library’s Hearing Loop is made possible through a Libraries Transforming Communities grant from the American Library Association.